Andrei Markin

Postgraduate researcher

I specialise in spectroscopy, instrumentation and complex data analysis. Currently completing my PhD in the department of Chemistry at Durham University working with professor Andrew Beeby. This space is a combination of my research, background and the mountain of side projects that would otherwise get buried and forgotten. Enjoy!





I did my undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of Durham. In my spare time I picked up programming and electronics engineering while working on my own projects, some of which are described here.


My masters project was based around the synthesis and characterization of a new class of molecular wires, working with Dr Ross Davidson (center right) in collaboration with the Richard Nichols and Simon Higgins group at the University of Liverpool. During the project I was awarded the D.B. Adams poster prize and the project was chosen to represent the department at the annual rising stars research symposium. The results of my project have been published and available here.


Following my masters I decided to switch career path to pursue research in a more physical area of Chemistry, which led me my current research in spectroscopy and instrumentation, the details of which are described here. So far in my PhD I have also had the pleasure of co-supervising four masters year project students. Two of the projects have been awarded the prestigious thesis prize and the students are now continuing their own research at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. 


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